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June 27 2017


“you shouldn’t like that character because they’re a terrible person”

look my guy i pulled this character right out of the dumpster fair and square and i’m keeping him

I want a JSA DLC pack for Injustice 2



Give us Alan Scott teaching these whippersnappers a thing or two about ring-slinging!

Give us Hourman and Wildcat beating the stuffing out of Bane!

Give us Hippolyta disgusted and ashamed of what Diana has become!

Give us Stargirl, give us Cyclone, give us Liberty Belle, give us Dr Midnight, give us Mr Terrific!

Give us the Jim Corrigan Spectre wrecking Holy Justice. :)

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During WWII, Dr. Eugene Lazowski tricked the Germans by creating a fake epidemic in Poland. He knew of a bacterial strain that caused people to test positive for typhus with no ill effects- so he began injecting the strain into non-Jews. The Nazis assumed there was an outbreak, stayed away, and quarantined an area of about 8,000 people- which saved the lives of countless Jews and Poles who would have been killed or sent to camps. Source Source 2 Source 3

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Texts From Superheroes

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remember when jared leto absolutely terrorized his suicide squad castmates and turned himself into a laughing stock bc he misinterpreted what method acting is, only to have 7 minutes of screen time and be cut from most of the film’s promotional material? i know it was a while ago now but i dnt think anything more satisfying will happen in our lifetime

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“Hit dogs holler”

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me as a dad

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Japanese Sumo robots

this is the funniest gif i’ve seen all week what the fuck is going on

the best part is this isn’t even HALF the relentless bullshit insanity that goes on in robot sumo wrestling, a sport where the contestants are all hyperfast robots with scoop attachments and preprogrammed moves. 

(this one wants to be a beyblade when it grows up)

the idea is to include as many unique moves as you can, to make your shrieking deathbot difficult to counter

or dodging. that works too.

also, some of the speed demons have… unorthodox attachments to fool other bot’s sensors


robot sumo is also a sport where spectators may end up taking a small robot to the shins if they aren’t careful.


I hope you enjoyed our foray into madness!




It’s amazing, conservatives can lie over and over and over and over and they’re still taken on their word but a liberal tells one lie and they can never be trusted again.

Supreme Court Allows Watered-Down Travel Ban To Take Effect For Now


Trump and Republicans, how many “radical Islamic” terrorists have entered the country in the last 6 months when there was NO Travel / Muslim Ban? ZERO

How many foreign terrorist attacks have been committed on American soil in the past 6 months? ZERO

Check for yourself. List of terrorist incidents in 2017


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This is really happening in 2017 during LGBT Pride Month

So this completely ignores freedom.

One retracted story does not disprove the rest of Trump-Russia


Keep in mind there are still people who believe the Seth Rich conspiracy after FOX retracted their story.

June 26 2017

Sean Spicer's Nonanswer About Russian Election Meddling Just Creates More Questions


The Moscowvian  Candidate!!! It would be funny if it was a movie.

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Trump's former aide Carter Page refuses Senate's order to provide Russia contacts

If the Trump admin is innocent they do suck at acting it

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Reminder, the Travel Muslim Ban wouldn’t have stopped ANY of these

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When Bulk and Skull were Power Rangers

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Finster’s backstory from the 2017 annual!

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Goldar’s backstory (god damn! I love all the call backs and call forwards in this)

Remember when Democrats couldn’t blame a single thing on Bush without Republicans throwing a fit? These days you can’t turn around with the GOP throwing blame for EVERYTHING at Obama

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