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August 14 2017

Judge Trump by the groups he refuses to attack, Putin and Nazis.

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Texts From Superheroes

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My best take on what we’ve been given so far


I’m watching the new DuckTales and I can’t understand a single word Donald is saying.

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Yeah I’d be scared too if three kids just .. teleported themselves right in front of me. 

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August 13 2017

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Steve Bannon Said He Learned to Fear Muslims When He Visited Pakistan. Except He Was Probably in Hong Kong.


If you ask Steve Bannon how he got the idea that Muslims in the Middle East are a civilizational threat to America, he will say that his eyes were first opened when he served on a Navy destroyer in the Arabian Sea. via Pocket

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We need to stop acting like Trump isn’t pandering to white supremacists


When President Donald Trump is upset with you, he will let you know. This has been a hard rule about Trump — to the point it’s hard to believe any feud is too petty or too far for him. From Rosie O’Donnell to the family of a dead US military veteran, Trump has been ready to condemn just about everyone who gets in his way.

A couple weeks into his presidency, Trump even bashed the US retailer Nordstrom on Twitter: “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!” There, he used the power of the White House to attempt to throw a job-creating US company under the bus just because it had let go of his daughter’s clothing line.

But when it comes to white supremacists, Trump’s statements are uncharacteristically tepid.

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I know it can be hard to tell nowadays, but lets make things clear

  • The US did in fact fight fascists, once upon a time.
  • A large portion of the population growing up in the US were told that the county’s pride came from the inherent freedom of all of its citizens. 
  • There are people in other countries literally dying to come here. Those who make it are valuable members of American society… at least in theory.
  • The American south actually attempted to seperate themselves from the rest of the country so that they could continue exploiting Slave labor.
  • The Nazi movement was founded in Germany, not the US, and lead by a Charlie Chaplin lookalike named Adolf Hitler. You might have heard of him. 
  • An overwhelming majority of American Pop Culture is rooted in Black History.
  • Chinese immigrants built the Great American railway.
  • One of the biggest reasons the US was occupied in the first place was so that people could follow whatever religion they liked.

Nazi’s do not hold American ideals, and White Supremacy contradicts our core values. Do not be fooled by their claims of patriotism and their chants proclaiming “USA, USA!”. It’s all double speak.

Donald Trump and the Alt Right are not American.

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